Stumbled upon the cutest store in Maui while walking the strip in Lahaina. If you could shop at one store in Maui, this is it! It has everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed. All the items I purchased here were made in Hawaii or inspired by the aloha lifestyle. The shop owner was so sweet and knowledgeable about all the products which made the experience so special. I especially loved hearing the stories about the artist who made the art I purchased and what inspired them. I seriously can not wait to go back to Maui just so I can go to this shop again!! Xoxo Sabrina

Sabrina M

Well appointed boutique with a great cross section of local works. Clearly a labor of love, and one well worth undertaking, this is a carefully curated shop with a friendly and professional staff. Highly recommended, especially if your intent is to get gifts to bear back to the mainland, but you’re secretly looking for self indulgence too 😉.

Jack M.
Front Street kicks it up a notch! What a great find! I can grab a coffee and a healthy snack EARLY on Front street near the Banyan tree, select beautiful flowers, AND shop natural and unique products made in Maui. This place is such a fresh and welcoming shop; I had to mention it. Treat yourself to the real Maui by visiting this store.
Katcha B

Such a cool store on Front Street! They have all sorts of unique things, from shirts, snacks, gifts, art, etc. all made by local talent. Find things you won’t find in other shops.

Keith D

Only coffee shop open early, almond pastries were delicious and the staff were super friendly and helpful.

Joe L.

The best way to shop on the island is to shop local. I was able to find so many great finds made by local artists. Definitely a spot to check out on the boardwalk for all the best finds!

Tiffany N.